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Perfekt Capital Limited founders have combined years of experience to create a one-stop destination for online trading. As a regulated online broker, Perfekt Capital Limited specializes in Forex, Index, CFD’s Binary, Bitcoin and Commodity trading. We, at Perfekt Capital Limited, are proud of our state of the art order execution, competitive spreads, and most importantly our amazing service and support. We strive to make our client's experience an enjoyable one and value the relationship of each of our account holders and business partners. The company operates successfully around the globe and places great emphasis on providing professional and reliable services to all our clients. Our MT5 trading platform combines simplicity with professionalism and you are only ever a few clicks from opening an account! We provide our traders with the stability and accessibility you need for secure trading 24 hours a day, under all market conditions.

Perfekt Capital Limited is an VFSC regulated broker. Perfekt Capital Limited is incorporated as International Company in the Republic of Vanuatu in accordance with the International Companies Act [CAP 222] with Company Number 14874. It is regulated by the VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission) under the Securities (Licensing) Act [CAP.70] authorised to carry on the business of dealing in securities.

We do not trade for our clients. However, we offer full support regarding the trading process through our trading specialists, and various training tools that will provide you with everything you need in order to make good trading decisions. To access our training page, please click here Additionally, we offer our clients the PAMM trading software, which enable our traders to copy professional traders' moves. For more information, please click here

You can find the different account types here.

The foreign exchange market (Forex, FX, or currency market) is a global, decentralized market for the trading of currencies. This includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices. In terms of volume of trading, it is by far the largest market in the world.

The foreign exchange market (Forex, FX, or currency market) is a global, decentralized market for the trading of currencies. This includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices. In terms of volume of trading, it is by far the largest market in the world.

A pip or "percentage in point" is the smallest denomination in the price of currencies. It is the fourth digit in all currency pairs with the exception of the Japanese Yen (JPY) – where it is the second digit. A "tick" depicts the smallest change or increment in movement in any currency pair on the Forex market. For example: if the EUR/USD changes from 1.4796 to 1.4795, it is called one tick/pip, which is 0.0001.

Leverage is a powerful tool which allows investors to trade with more money than they have deposited in their trading account. Therefore, trading with the leverage system wisely can work in your favor, and bring you big profits. Perfekt Capital Limited offers up to 400 to 1 leverage, which means that a $1,000 dollar margin deposit would enable a trader to buy or sell up to $400,000 worth of currencies.

The required equity that an investor must deposit to collateralize a position. In other words, a margin is the amount deposited by traders which enables them to participate in the Forex market. In the event that your funds fall below margin requirements, the system will close some or all open positions. This prevents your accounts from falling into a negative balance which means you cannot lose more than your initial investment.

Swap is a debit or credit paid or earned as a reflection of the varying interest rates applicable to currency pairs. When trading the USD/JPY for example, swap interest rates will be determined based on the interest rates of the countries being represented by this pair. Depending on whether you are long or short and which country has higher interest rates, you may be charged or credited interest. Essentially, when a trader holds a position over night they are subject to the interest rates applicable to the currency pair they are trading. 'Swap' is also commonly referred to as 'rollover rates’.

The difference between the Bid and Ask prices is referred to as the spread.

You can view the economic calendar here

To access the trading signals, you must log into your trading account on the website and have a positive balance. You can consult trading signals

Foreign Exchange and CFD Trading are leveraged products that involve a significant risk of loss. The trader is liable to either a portion or the entire loss of margin deposit if proper considerations of the risks, as well as fundamentals are not fully considered in trading:business.We do a non-dealing desk broker are responsible for providing the tools, instruments and quotes necessary to ride the daily volatility, fluctuations in the global foreign exchange business.We do encourage our clients that are intending to trade, to be fully aware of the risks, fundamentals, technicalities associated with being a profitable trader. Appropriate training is necessary to make good in the market.

There are many reasons why trading signals are so great. Here are a few of them: They make the currency market less scary for novice traders They provide relevant data to trade on. Signals allow you to access a wide variety of trading strategies that can lead to major profits Trading signals provide practice in the Forex market with training to help you gain knowledge and confidence. With Perfekt Capital Limited as your Forex broker and daily Forex signals provider, you will be able to perform sensible, informed trades and have a seamless, simple integration into the Forex market. Choosing the right provider for your signals is the most critical decision you will make- Perfekt Capital Limited offers safe, secure and transparent information to its traders to help them make the best trades possible.

The first step is to open an account. It is very simple and takes only a few minutes. All you need to do is complete the registration here and you will have a new Perfekt Capital Limited Account. The next step is to fund your account and start trading in Forex.

To register for a live account, simply click here and fill out your contact details. Please use your real name and details when registering in order for an account manager to contact you.

To open a demo account, you must first register for a live account, here Once you have registered for a live account, on our website,click on “add account” and choose the “demo” option. Please make sure you create the account on our website and not directly on the platform.

To use the MT5 platform on a desktop/laptop computer, please download the software here To use the MT5 platform on a tablet/mobile on Google Play.

To retrieve your password, please click here. Enter your registered email address and account number and click on “Enter”. A password reminder will be sent to your registered email address.

Download the MT5 platform from the link above. Please follow the below instructions to connect to the MT5 server: Updating you Soon.

Depending on your device, download the MT5 app either from the app store or from google play. Follow the below instructions: Updating you Soon.

Trading is enabled when your account is fully verified and funded. Please contact [email protected] to enable your account.

As a VFSC regulated company, we must comply with the directives of our regulator and all trading accounts must complete the verification process before their full activation.

  • Proof of Identity - This can either be a government issued Passport, Identity card/book or driver’s license.
  • Please provide front and back copies of this document showing clearly your full name, date of birth, issue and expiration date (if applicable) and your picture.
  • Proof of Residence - This can be any utility bill or bank statement.
  • The document needs to have been issued within the last 3 months and must show your name, full residential address and the issue date.We would also accept an affidavit from the police station or a declaration of residence signed and stamped by your municipality.
  • Please note that PO Boxes are not accepted.
  • CK documents listing all company directors.
  • Board of directors’ minutes: Contact [email protected] to request this document to be sent to you.
  • Proof of Identity for all listed company directors. This can either be a government issued Passport, Identity card/book or driver’s license.
  • Please provide front and back copies of this document showing clearly the full name, date of birth, issue and expiration date(if applicable) and the picture.
  • Bank statement of corporate bank account.

You have two options:

  • You need to send an email to [email protected].
  • Please add your trading account number as a reference in the subject of the email.
  • To upload your documents, log into your trading account and click on “my account” upload documents. Select the type of document and click on “Browse” to upload your files. Please note that you can upload file in JPEG/JPG/PDF/Word format.

All your personal information is fully protected by an SSL certificate and is saved on a secured server.

To deposit funds, log into your account on the website and go to “make a deposit”

For card deposits, we accept Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards. If you wish to wire funds, you will find our banking details here. We also offer deposits by e-wallets. Contact our Support department for assistance. When funding your trading account, please use a payment method in your own name.

  • If you fund your account by wire transfer, kindly provide the proof of payment.
  • If you fund your account with a credit/debit card, please provide front and back copies of this card.
  • On the front please leave the first and last 4 digits, your name and expiration date.
  • On the back,please hide the CVV code and make sure the card is signed.
    If your card does not show your name, please provide a statement showing the card number and your name, or an official letter signed and stamped by your bank stating that the card belongs to you. Alternatively, you can just send us a copy of the credit card statement as long as the owner’s name and last 4 digits of the card are apparent.

We do not keep your credit card information on any of our servers, apart from the last 4 digits of the card which are used for verification purposes only.

No you do not. Registration is free and you only need to deposit money in order to trade.

For deposits by bank (bank wire/EFT/cash deposits/ATM deposits) – up to 2-3 business days For deposits by credit card directly from within Perfekt Capital Limited website – immediately For deposits by E-wallets – up to 1 hour

You can start trading with a Live Trading Account with just USD100. The first deposit sets your account currency type: US Dollars only. Once your account currency is set, it will remain in this currency.

There are a few basic reasons for deposit issues:

  • Some details are missing or are not correct: double check the details and try again.
    Your card is restricted from online deposits: contact your Credit Card Company and/or financial institution and remove the restriction.
  • If you are still experiencing issues with your deposit, please contact our support department by email or by LiveChat.

We know that our clients want to go to sleep at night knowing that their deposits are safe and secure. All our clients' funds are held in segregated accounts.

To withdraw funds from your trading account, log into your trading account on the Perfekt Capital Limited website and click on withdraw. Choose your account number, type in the amount of the withdrawal and choose your withdrawal method*. Once the withdrawal method is chosen, fill in the required fields and click on “request a withdrawal” button at the bottom. *In compliance with anti-money laundering international laws, we are obligated to refund the money back to the funding source. If you funded your account with a credit/debit card, funds will be sent back to that same card. If you funded your account via bank wire/EFT/cash deposit, funds will be sent back to your bank account. In the event of a third party deposit, funds will be sent back to the third party, up to the amount deposited by the third party.

Requests are generally processed within 2-3 business days. In order to avoid any delays please review your information carefully before submitting. Please note that our withdrawal procedure may require you to provide additional documents and to be available for a phone confirmation.

The minimum withdrawal amount is USD$100.

Yes, you can cancel your withdrawal by sending an email to [email protected] Please add your trading account number as a reference in the subject of the email.

If you withdrew the funds via debit/credit card, please check with your card company. You will see the funds on your monthly statement. If you withdrew funds into a bank account, please check with your bank. Remember that international money transfer may take time due to transaction processes within financial organizations. Perfekt Capital Limited has absolutely no control over these internal policies and we cannot influence nor shorten those processing times, however. we can say from experience that it usually takes between 4 to 8 additional business days.

We are a Straight Through Process Broker, we strive to provide our clients with best execution. Your S/L & T/P when triggered will become a market order and get executed according to market price and market depth. If you mean by Guarantee S/L & T/P, that you will have the positions executed at the predefined price and not market price that we can't guarantee. What is the difference between instance and market execution? A market execution order is one that’s executed at the best price available in the market. There are no re-quotes, but the price will not necessarily be the one you have seen on the screen when you placed the order. An instant execution order is one that’s executed at the price on the screen.

The Forex market is called an "Interbank" market due to the fact that historically it has been dominated by banks, including central banks, commercial banks, and investment banks. However, the percentage of other market participants is rapidly growing, and now includes large multinational corporations, global money managers, registered dealers, international money brokers, futures and option traders, and individual investors.

The most often traded or 'liquid' currencies are those of countries with stable governments, respected central banks, and low inflation. Today, over 85% of all daily transactions involve trading of the major currencies, which include the US Dollar (USD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Swiss Franc (CHF), Canadian Dollar (CAD), and the Australian Dollar (AUD).

In trading parlance, a long position is one which a trader buys a currency at one price and aims to sell it later at a higher price. In this scenario, the trader benefits from a rising market. A short position is one in which the trader sells a currency in anticipation that it will depreciate. In this scenario, the trader benefits from a declining market. However, it is important to remember that every FX position requires the trader to go long in one currency and short in the other.

Maximum leverage 400:1.

NDD stands for a No Dealing Desk, which is a model of orders' execution that is applied by STP brokers. Such model of execution guarantees no intervention of a dealing desk and immediate access to the interbank market prices. The interbank market is where foreign currencies are traded.

STP stands for Straight Through Processing and refers to the technology that optimizes speed at which transactions are being processed. By shortening the order execution processing time, the broker ensures that trades are executed within 1 nanosecond at real time prices with no re-quotes and no rejections of orders. As a Matched Principal Broker which has no exposure in the market and holds no positions on its books. 100% of the trade flow is being sent to the Inter-Banking market as well as largest CFD providers in the industry.

The company has separate bank accounts for operating funds and customer deposits. Customer funds are never commingled with company funds.

For White Label partners, who are looking to grow their business and extend their product offerings, we provide tailored packages that can be offered to their own client base. These packages include a wide range of foreign exchange, derivative and equity products, support services and trading platforms.

Yes, please register as IB/affiliate to benefit from our IB program. For more information ,please visit the Partnership section on our website.

You'll need to contact your account manager to see if we can find you a suitable offer.

Once your account is opened, you will receive an email with your username and instructions for accessing your account.

Under Username/Password, Click on "Remind password?" Enter your registered Email, and check your inbox.

A withdrawal of funds will result in a reduction of funds available to be used for margin to maintain open positions. This may result in the liquidation of any, or all of your open positions. It is your responsibility to ensure that the account holds enough margin to maintain open positions.

You can deposit in any currency you want,but can only trade in USD

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